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area history

The city of Columbus got it's start in 1845 when H. A. Whitney, a Yankee peddler from Vermont, moved to the area and constructed the first wood frame store building on the land where The Whitney building stands today.

Years later, originally constructed in 1916, and used as an automobile and farm implement dealership, the building at 134 N. Dickason was expanded in 1920 with the 140 building. Local lore states it operated as the Schmid & Zick Chrysler dealership for a number of years until they converted it to a bowling alley from the 1940's until 2005. In the 1970s, aluminum siding was placed over the original facade. In 2007, the building owners removed the siding and restored the building's exterior to its original state. 

Today 140 N. Dickason stands proudly, displaying the original brickwork, housing some beautiful brewing equipment and a 1950's vintage bar, and operating as none other than Cercis Brewing Company!

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